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September 2019 Update - Patch Notes

Improve your crafting quality with the Wacky Bundle, introducing the Tube Man - Sword and Tube Man - Shield, each giving a 3% mastery bonus! For the Arena and Trade Wars lovers, the Disrupt Spears Bundle and Disrupt Axes Bundle might serve you well into gaining victory over other cities.

This update also includes a subscription for unlocking the cosmetic features of previous paid bundles, however, the subscription does not include the shop keeper customizations unlockable with in-game gems.

If you enable Automatic Party Selection, the game now saves and restores the team composition when you select the same quest again. It is to be noted that the game only saves a single team composition per each quest type, nor can you redeploy immediately if you have a full energetic or revive team. This, unfortunately, makes the feature useless for raiding and for mid and end-game users with multiple team compositions.

Disrupt Spears Bundle

Disrupt Axes Bundle

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