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July 2019 Update - Patch Notes

Get ready to activate your sweet tooth! With this update comes 6 new sweet inspired items to craft. If that's not enough, get ready to work off the extra sugar with all new raid levels and rewards.

Have you ever wanted a Chocolate Bear that was life size and healed you just by looking at it? Tired of your gear breaking; grab a Macaron Shield, pick up your Spatula and put on your Baking Apron! Can't find all the artifacts you're looking for; put on your Fireproof Mitts, drink some Sugar Rush Tea, grab the Cookie Cutter and step up to the Cake Buff-et!

Once you're in your full baking attire, jump into the raid and collect all the new rewards on offer. With keys to every chest, blueprint fragments for those specific items you want, throw in a list of charms and even more rare artifacts, what do you have to lose?

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