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January 2020 Update - Patch Notes

Let's get back to nature! Have your top rogues adorn their brows with a Floral Medley, searching for some hidden secrets in their new Emerald March vests. Keep them going with Nature's Wrath and pop a Luna on your spellcaster just in case one falls.

Take a stroll outside and watch the Jolly Bee as your fusions speed through your pot, stop and see the master of the forest, Nature Goddess while you're there. Take some time on your indoor garden and smell a Bloom while your workers are crafting. Your heroes won't have time to see the Hungry Hummingbird as they speed through their endless questing.

When all is said and done, consider yourself lucky to find Mother Nature during all of your travels.

Save your teams with the newly revamped Redeploy on top of all of that!

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