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August 2019 Update - Patch Notes

East meets West with 2 new dragon inspired offers!

Speed up your crafting with your very own Prosperity Pearl, get your heroes back faster with Knight's Bane, and increase your fusion success rates with the Azure Emblem and Nimbus Rug.

Once your dragons are in place, try out some of the treasures found with them? Increase your own hoard of gold with the Guardian Protector gloves, speed through your quests with the Dragon's Breath gun, who has time to rest, certainly not anyone holding a Ceremonial Er-uh!

If you happen to fail a quest, don't worry so long as you have your Dragon Signet equipped, dive back in and bring back extra loot with your Fairy's Mount in hand, avoid breaking your gear with your newly acquired Wyvern Plate as you leave the dungeon successfully.

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