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April 2020 Update - Patch Notes

Get ready for a bug filled adventure with Russell & Larry!

Become more resilient with the Bug Vision hat. Find a little more loot with the Majestic Beetle Carapace. Running low on gold? Throw on a Wicked Mantis and Hornet Stinger, which will also keep your other gear from breaking a whole lot more!

Have the Great Horn Beetle tag along to speed up your expeditions. Have Russell the Snail work with your crafters to show them how to work more efficiently. Tired of your fusions failing? Have Construction Larry show you how to use the Jar of Wishes to make them succeed a little bit more.

If that's not enough, all of us will be able to catch some extra bugs with our new free Bug Catching Net that will allow many heroes to not have to rest again.

There's even a little hint of Easter in this update. Grab a lucky, supportive Wabbit Sword and get a Chick-a-boo to motivate your crafters to work better at the same time!

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