Frequently Asked Questions

Some users or cities are missing from the leaderboards

Users and cities who have not submitted raid points in the last 30 days are considered inactive and excluded from all leaderboards.

I have problems with the website to submit my scores! What do I do?

Head over to the Shop Heroes Events Discord server and ask somebody in #raid-help-me-submit to submit the score on your behalf. You will need to provide the screenshots to the person assisting you.

What do I do if my raid submission is rejected?

All rejected submissions include a reason why the submission has been rejected by the community reviewer.

You can correct your submission by restarting the raid submission wizard, if your city has a rejected submission it will import the scores and screenshots. This allows you to easily correct any mistake; when you submit a correction, the previous rejected submission will be removed.

If you believe the rejection is in error, please wait for a moderator review of the rejection. Please note that moderators will not change your entry. They will only confirm the rejection, or submit your entry for approval.

How do I know if my raid submission is accepted or rejected?

When your raid submission is reviewed by a community member, a message will be posted on the Shop Heroes Events #raid-verifications channel. You can also invite the bot to your own Discord server and enable notification for your city.

Furthermore, the raid submission will appear on this website under verified or rejected submissions.

What is the city setting that restricts actions to verified city members?

By default the raid submission wizards allows a user#id without a login or verified account. The setting provides an optional extra layer of security to prevent individuals from impersonating a member of your city.

If your city wants to enforce that raid scores can only be submitted by verified city members, this setting must be turned on.

Can I invite the bot to my server and receive notifications for my city?

Yes. Click here to invite the bot to your Discord server. You can interact with the bot by using @mentions or the !sh prefix. The help command is a good place to start!

Before you can subscribe to events for your city, you must have completed at least one raid submission or a verified user, otherwise the bot will have no knowledge of your city. After your city is know by the platform, you can subscribe to your own city events.

@mention subscribe CityEvent My City Name
!sh subscribe CityEvent My City Name

Please note that @mention is a Discord term to highlight a specific user. In this case you need to type @name-of-bot, you can use tab-completion. If you did not rename the bot the help command can be invoked following this example.

@Shop Heroes - Events & Stats help
!sh help

Do I need to submit the scores of all city members?

Yes. You must provide the scores and supporting screenshots of all your city members.

Why are some users missing from my member list?

The raid submission wizard generates a member list at the time of starting the wizard. If you need to submit scores for users who left your city you will need to submit a user raid submission for each user individually. The platform prioritizes submissions for individual users over those for cities.

The raid button disappears after I finish a raid. How do I find the user scores?

The raid button will stay there as long as you have unclaimed rewards. It is good practice to refrain from collecting the rewards till after you finish taking the required screenshots and completing the raid submission wizard.

How much time do I have to submit my raid scores?

There are two aspects to this question, the time to submit the scores after the raid finishes and the time to complete the raid submission wizard.

Time to submit the scores

You can submit your scores the entire week from the moment the raid completes till the next raid starts.

Entries which are submitted within 42 hours after the raid finishes are entered into the Shop Heroes Events draw for some awesome prizes!

Please note that the event cutoff period can change when there are unforeseen circumstances or special community events. We invite you to join the Shop Heroes Events Discord server to keep you informed about event changes.

Time to complete the raid submission wizard

You have 30 minutes to complete the raid submission wizard. If you exceed the time limit, you will have to restart the wizard.

Do I need to login and verify my account to submit scores?

No. The platform allows you to submit scores by supplying your in-game user#id, there is no need to login or verify your account.

Please note that you will need to login and verify your account to provide community reviews on raid submissions.

Where can I find my in-game user#id and XP?

In the Shop Heroes game, in the top left corner you see your current level. If you click on the level you get a window with your profile information. Your in-game user#id and current XP are listed on the top bar.