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July 2020 Update - Patch Notes


  • Bundle Up
  • Decreased the textileworking skills from 26,000 to 20,000
  • Increased the craftsmanship skills from 7,000 to 15,000
  • Increased the jewelry skills from 2,000 to 15,000
  • Increased the enchanting skills from 3,000 to 10,000
  • Decreased the progression (tier 5) craft amount from 70 to 60
  • Condemned Circlet
  • Modified the progression (tier 2) craft bonus from circlet-3 to circlet-4
  • Cybernetic Gauntlet
  • Increased the jewelry skills from 1,000 to 10,000
  • Family Heirloom
  • Increased the base price from 6,381,000 to 10,000,000
  • Increased the base power from 2,000 to 2,500
  • Increased the base XP from 3,154,810 to 4,200,000
  • Decreased the leather resources from 267 to 200
  • Decreased the fabric resources from 112 to 100
  • Decreased the mana resources from 47 to 20
  • Decreased the component (tier 2) quality from Legendary to Epic
  • Decreased the component (tier 2) amount from 2 to 1
  • Decreased the metalworking skills from 6,100 to 5,000
  • Decreased the textileworking skills from 11,400 to 7,000
  • Decreased the channeling skills from 6,100 to 4,000
  • Decreased the craftsmanship skills from 11,400 to 10,000
  • Decreased the jewelry skills from 11,400 to 10,000
  • Decreased the enchanting skills from 6,100 to 4,000
  • Hornet Stinger
  • Increased the wood resources from 0 to 200
  • Decreased the herb resources from 50 to 0
  • Increased the steel resources from 30 to 100
  • Increased the hardwood resources from 0 to 200
  • Increased the oil resources from 20 to 200
  • Increased the mana resources from 0 to 150
  • Increased the woodworking skills from 2,000 to 20,000
  • Increased the alchemy skills from 3,100 to 30,000
  • Decreased the craftsmanship skills from 1,500 to 0
  • Increased the tinkering skills from 0 to 5,000
  • Nature's Wrath
  • Increased the wood resources from 200 to 300
  • Decreased the leather resources from 20 to 0
  • Increased the hardwood resources from 300 to 350
  • Increased the gems resources from 120 to 150
  • Increased the mana resources from 190 to 250
  • Decreased the progression (tier 4) craft amount from 37 to 32
  • Decreased the progression (tier 5) craft amount from 60 to 55
  • Ominous Charm
  • Increased the textileworking skills from 160 to 6,500
  • Decreased the craftsmanship skills from 36,000 to 35,000
  • Increased the jewelry skills from 70 to 20,000
  • Oni Assassin Mask
  • Increased the base price from 173,000 to 500,000
  • Increased the base XP from 82,000 to 160,000
  • Oni Gunbai
  • Increased the base price from 11,400,000 to 21,400,000
  • Decreased the base XP from 42,350,000 to 3,350,000
  • Oni Kanabo
  • Increased the base price from 8,700,000 to 10,000,000
  • Increased the base XP from 3,154,720 to 4,850,000
  • Oni War Helm
  • Increased the base price from 185,000 to 200,000
  • Increased the base XP from 71,000 to 450,000
  • Rebellion
  • Increased the base price from 32,900,000 to 36,000,000
  • Increased the base power from 3,375 to 3,450
  • Increased the base XP from 11,600,026 to 14,000,000
  • Decreased the wood resources from 600 to 400
  • Decreased the mana resources from 105 to 100
  • Decreased the metalworking skills from 30,000 to 27,500
  • Decreased the woodworking skills from 38,000 to 30,000
  • Decreased the channeling skills from 16,000 to 12,000
  • Decreased the weaponcrafting skills from 38,000 to 30,000
  • Decreased the craftsmanship skills from 16,000 to 5,000
  • Decreased the jewelry skills from 16,000 to 0
  • Decreased the enchanting skills from 16,000 to 10,000
  • Modified the progression (tier 2) craft bonus from price*1.5 to price*2
  • Modified the progression (tier 5) craft bonus from power=energetic2,6 to power=energetic3,6
  • Searing Piercer
  • Modified the component (tier 2) item from obsidianspear to nightspike
  • Modified the progression (tier 3) craft bonus from hellfireruby-1 to nightspike-1
  • Silent But Deadly
  • Increased the iron resources from 90 to 100
  • Decreased the herb resources from 20 to 0
  • Increased the steel resources from 0 to 50
  • Decreased the hardwood resources from 75 to 50
  • Starfall
  • Increased the wood resources from 75 to 275
  • Increased the steel resources from 240 to 250
  • Increased the oil resources from 27 to 100
  • Decreased the gems resources from 75 to 0
  • Increased the mana resources from 70 to 250
  • Increased the progression (tier 4) craft amount from 30 to 37
  • Decreased the progression (tier 5) craft amount from 70 to 65
  • Sweet Surprise
  • Increased the iron resources from 0 to 85
  • Decreased the wood resources from 41 to 0
  • Decreased the leather resources from 17 to 0
  • Decreased the herb resources from 20 to 0
  • Increased the progression (tier 5) craft amount from 50 to 55
  • Vine Slasher
  • Increased the iron resources from 125 to 550
  • Decreased the leather resources from 550 to 0
  • Decreased the steel resources from 250 to 200
  • Decreased the hardwood resources from 30 to 0
  • Increased the mana resources from 20 to 250
  • Decreased the progression (tier 5) craft amount from 65 to 60
  • Wicked Mantis
  • Decreased the base price from 26,400,020 to 9,400,020
  • Decreased the base XP from 39,100,000 to 15,100,000


  • Anniversary Balloons - 4% Increase Fusion Speed
  • Fireworks Statue - 12% XP Bonus
  • Hot Air Balloon - 7% Increase Fusion Chance
  • Anniversary Cake - 3% Increase Fusion Chance
  • Birthday Turtle - 6% Mastery Bonus
  • White Tiger
  • Increased the Increases Healing Speed benefit from 3% to 7%


  • Added a new Xp Bonus decoration benefit
  • Increased the Weapon Master kill from 35% to 75%
  • Increased the Underdog ability from 40% to 50%
  • Increased the High Morale ability from 15% to 25%
  • Beware that time-gated crafting components are necessary for the new end-game blueprints

Forum: July 2020 Update - Patch Notes

June 2020 Update - Patch Notes

Get ready to hold on tight once these over worldly deities get started! While they go berserk wielding their Searing Piercers and Rainmakers, hope a little treasure falls your way. Put on your Invincible Scales over the top of your Dragon Robe to save some energy and hope to get lucky. You'd also be wise to strap on your Condemned Circlet while you run away wearing your Heavenly Fire Wheels.

With all this happening, the Diety Statue will still help inspire your workers to keep at their tasks. With a little help from the Holy Pig and Sacred Bush your fusion pot will be a speeding great success! Once it's all over, take some time to heal yourself and your team on the Isle of Divinity.

Forum: June 2020 Update - Patch Notes

May 2020 Update - Patch Notes

A splash of Arabian culture is here! Listen to the bards play their Qanun for a little bit of luck while you parry incoming attacks with your Golden Shamshir. Spread a little oil from your Oil Lamp onto your Dawn to keep it from being damaged in your skirmish.

Sit down with your Hookah and gaze out the Ornate Window to inspire yourself into fusion bliss. Set out your Arabian Lanterns to give your heroes a beacon to speed home to. Let your workers gain some insights while seeing the Royal Camel.

To keep us all safe and to give us more incentive to stay inside, speed up your fusions with the Quarantined Rat.  

Forum: May 2020 Update - Patch Notes

April 2020 Update - Patch Notes

Get ready for a bug filled adventure with Russell & Larry!

Become more resilient with the Bug Vision hat. Find a little more loot with the Majestic Beetle Carapace. Running low on gold? Throw on a Wicked Mantis and Hornet Stinger, which will also keep your other gear from breaking a whole lot more!

Have the Great Horn Beetle tag along to speed up your expeditions. Have Russell the Snail work with your crafters to show them how to work more efficiently. Tired of your fusions failing? Have Construction Larry show you how to use the Jar of Wishes to make them succeed a little bit more.

If that's not enough, all of us will be able to catch some extra bugs with our new free Bug Catching Net that will allow many heroes to not have to rest again.

There's even a little hint of Easter in this update. Grab a lucky, supportive Wabbit Sword and get a Chick-a-boo to motivate your crafters to work better at the same time!

Forum: April 2020 Update - Patch Notes

February 2020 Update II - Patch Notes

Get ready for a futuristic adventure!

Get behind your leader in their shiny new A.I helmet as she's about ready to go into hyper speed in with her Proto-skates. Is your Refractor Panel going to be resourceful enough, or will you have to rely on your artifact finding abilities with your Cybernetic Gauntlets and Starfall bow?

Take a seat in the Command Center and listen to your new robot companion C-C4DE while you contemplate your fusions. Set up your Exo-Strikers where your workers can get inspired to create you even more masterwork pieces. If that's not enough, jump on your Neutrino v.20 and speed through some quest areas.

Forum: February 2020 Update II - Patch Notes

February 2020 Update - Patch Notes

From this day forward, Trade Wars has the following changes:

  • (Level 7) Reward Wooden Key (2) replaced by Leather Key (2)
  • (Level 10) Reward Gems (2) replaced by Gems (10)
  • (Level 11) Reward Gold (50k) replaced by Gold (80k)
  • (Level 15) Reward Gems (10) replaced by Gems (50)
  • (Level 20) Reward Gems (40) replaced by Gems (100)
  • (Level 25) Reward Gems (120) replaced by Gems (200)
  • (Level 30) Reward Gems (250) replaced by Rising Tempest or Sinister Gaze (Primal Key when blueprint is already unlocked)
  • (Level 31) Reward Gold (40m) replaced by Gems (300)
  • (Level 38) Reward Rising Tempest or Sinister Gaze replaced by Primal Key

January 2020 Update - Patch Notes

Let's get back to nature! Have your top rogues adorn their brows with a Floral Medley, searching for some hidden secrets in their new Emerald March vests. Keep them going with Nature's Wrath and pop a Luna on your spellcaster just in case one falls.

Take a stroll outside and watch the Jolly Bee as your fusions speed through your pot, stop and see the master of the forest, Nature Goddess while you're there. Take some time on your indoor garden and smell a Bloom while your workers are crafting. Your heroes won't have time to see the Hungry Hummingbird as they speed through their endless questing.

When all is said and done, consider yourself lucky to find Mother Nature during all of your travels.

Save your teams with the newly revamped Redeploy on top of all of that!

Forum: January 2020 Update - Patch Notes

December 2019 Update II - Patch Notes

Support the whole family in your Ugly Sweater and hurry up and make some Gingerbread Men! Don't let your siblings go berserk when you use your new Subzero 3000. If anyone is doing a little treasure hunting for their holiday gifts, show them your Snow Bunny and they're sure to stop. If they still won't stop, show them some magical things to find while you all Bundle Up and head outside!

Everyone is in a hurry for some Family Time, craft a little with the reindeer Diomedes then fuse it all together with the Fish Boy and you will surely reach your Goal!

Forum: December 2019 Update II - Patch Notes

December 2019 Update - Patch Notes

Adopt Sparkles the unicorn to improve your crafting mastery!

Forum: No official patch notes

November 2019 Update II - Patch Notes

Grab your Explorer's Bag and head into the Heart of the Jungle!

Take control of the group in your Safari Hat and don't worry if you stumble so long as you are wearing your Jungle Boots, the experience is still worth it. Keep yourself and your party safe with your Emergency Water and Ritual Djembe. Keep your Silent but Deadly gun safely in it's holster while you scavenge through the jungle with your Vine Slasher.

Along the way take in the sights of the Pitcher Plant and Rafflesia. Don't let Larry or the Cerulean Wings distract you from what's fusing. Get ready to quickly throw up a shield when running past Monkey Business and outdistancing yourself from the Apex Predator!

Forum: November 2019 Update II - Patch Notes

October 2019 Update III - Patch Notes

Get your monster hunt on with this Halloween inspired update! Hide in the shadows with your Ominous Charm, stay energized in the Vampire Hunter vest, find what you can with a Grotesque Ring, bolster the other rogues in your party by showing off your Mummy Hands, help your party heal after any unexpected encounters with some Quicksilver and keep all your items safe with your Scorpion Tail.

Make room for all these new found items with the Mimic, don't let it's monstrous exterior fool you. Take the Lost Pet with you on quests to help speed things up. Scare your fusions into success while exploring inside the Haunted Tree, leave them with Sally 2 and she'll speed those fusions up as well!

Forum: October 2019 Update III - Patch Notes

October 2019 Update II - Patch Notes

Do you have a bunch of artifacts sitting around collecting dust? So many bags and chests that you've all but given up? Look no further than the Transmuter! Let her take some of those lower artifacts and turn them into something a bit higher. Even upgrade some chests into a key, or other keys into even better keys. Transmutation is a lot of work and she will only be able to complete 5 a day, but give her the day to rest and she'll do 5 again for you the very next day.

Be prepared for an alien invasion from Captain Neptune. Thankfully she's only here to help motivate you to craft a little bit faster. She even brings a Primal Chest & Key along with a few fragments as a welcoming gift for you.

Forum: October 2019 Update II - Patch Notes

October 2019 Update - Patch Notes

Get ready for a day at the beach! Watch the Seal as it speeds up your fusion pot, lounge around on your Beach Towel while your heroes speed through their quests, build your Sand Castle while your workers craft your items in a frenzy and splash around in your Flamingo Pool for some much needed healing.

Strap on your Swimming Fins, slather on some Elven Sunblock and get your Sweet Surprise in preparation to power through some quests. Look out for the Shark Bite, it may look broken, but your items will remain intact. If you're feeling lucky, pop on your Life Vest while digging through the sand looking for treasures all whilst wearing a Crab Hat, sure, it's not the best looking hat at the beach, but who cares when you can find so much!

Forum: October 2019 Update - Patch Notes

September 2019 Update - Patch Notes

Improve your crafting quality with the Wacky Bundle, introducing the Tube Man - Sword and Tube Man - Shield, each giving a 3% mastery bonus! For the Arena and Trade Wars lovers, the Disrupt Spears Bundle and Disrupt Axes Bundle might serve you well into gaining victory over other cities.

This update also includes a subscription for unlocking the cosmetic features of previous paid bundles, however, the subscription does not include the shop keeper customizations unlockable with in-game gems.

If you enable Automatic Party Selection, the game now saves and restores the team composition when you select the same quest again. It is to be noted that the game only saves a single team composition per each quest type, nor can you redeploy immediately if you have a full energetic or revive team. This, unfortunately, makes the feature useless for raiding and for mid and end-game users with multiple team compositions.

Disrupt Spears Bundle

Disrupt Axes Bundle

Forum: September 2019 Update - Patch Notes

August 2019 Update - Patch Notes

East meets West with 2 new dragon inspired offers!

Speed up your crafting with your very own Prosperity Pearl, get your heroes back faster with Knight's Bane, and increase your fusion success rates with the Azure Emblem and Nimbus Rug.

Once your dragons are in place, try out some of the treasures found with them? Increase your own hoard of gold with the Guardian Protector gloves, speed through your quests with the Dragon's Breath gun, who has time to rest, certainly not anyone holding a Ceremonial Er-uh!

If you happen to fail a quest, don't worry so long as you have your Dragon Signet equipped, dive back in and bring back extra loot with your Fairy's Mount in hand, avoid breaking your gear with your newly acquired Wyvern Plate as you leave the dungeon successfully.

Forum: August 2019 Update - Patch Notes

Major improvements to the weekly raid raffle!

We have worked hard to improve the user experience for submitting the raid scores for the weekly raffle and are proud to present you the Shop Heroes - Events & Stats (Unofficial) website!

Submit your city's scores; help review other cities' scores for accuracy and have some fun! Starting with the Burning Countryside Raid (August 2019), we will be using this website exclusively to submit all raid scores.

Furthermore, we are extending the time to submit raid entries; entries which are submitted within 42 hours after the raid finishes are entered into the Shop Heroes Events draw for some awesome prizes! You can submit your scores the entire week from the moment the raid completes till the next raid starts.

The Shop Heroes Events Discord server remains the primary place for all events, if you have any questions, throw us a message in #event-discussion, bugs can be reported in #raid-bugs-feature-requests.

Happy Raiding & Good Luck!

July 2019 Update - Patch Notes

Get ready to activate your sweet tooth! With this update comes 6 new sweet inspired items to craft. If that's not enough, get ready to work off the extra sugar with all new raid levels and rewards.

Have you ever wanted a Chocolate Bear that was life size and healed you just by looking at it? Tired of your gear breaking; grab a Macaron Shield, pick up your Spatula and put on your Baking Apron! Can't find all the artifacts you're looking for; put on your Fireproof Mitts, drink some Sugar Rush Tea, grab the Cookie Cutter and step up to the Cake Buff-et!

Once you're in your full baking attire, jump into the raid and collect all the new rewards on offer. With keys to every chest, blueprint fragments for those specific items you want, throw in a list of charms and even more rare artifacts, what do you have to lose?

Forum: July 2019 Update - Patch Notes